Author: Rudiarius

Can’t rush perfection

On May 13th 2016 I received my new chastity device. Of course I was excited and tried it on immediately.  I did not mess with putting on the PA locking hardware. It looks great and feels great. Then I decided to see if I could get it off and I got it off with no major issue while it was locked. This has been the case with every device I have had and with the PA locking hardware it should not be an issue. I contacted Chris and went over with him the best was to use the sound and the barbell. With the PA locking hardware installed I cannot get out and this is great.

After having it on for a week the head of my penis got sore. It took a while to figure out the cause. The problem turned out to be the device was too big. A lot of things happened to find out it was wrong. I could write a whole post on it. In October I sent it back to Steelwerks and the tube was shortened.

I received it back on November 7th 2016. I decided to wait until I wore it 30 days before declared it right. At this point I have had it on for 30 days and I have not had any issues with soreness. I think it is safe to say this a device that is secure and I can wear 24/7 without any issues.

This device is best chastity device I have every owned. Steelwerks makes the best chastity devices in the world and nothing else out there is even in the class of steelwerks. However, perfection is neither cheap or fast is my take on the experience of getting the device. I will do business with Steelwerks Extreme again.

Implementing the Solution


I spoke with Chris of Steelwerkz again yesterday. We continued our discussion of my new chastity device. We have decided on getting a modified version of the The Classic PA.

I’ve given him all my measurements. I’ve received the invoice and he has started working on my device. I should have it by the end of April!


Planning The Solution


This afternoon (technically yesterday afternoon since it is after midnight) I spoke with Chris from Steelwerks Extreme. We talked for about an hour or so and I shared the issues I have had with 24/7 365/6 days a year wear..

Chris comes off as an professional and seems to be a nice guy too. After talking we decided to move forward with a custom version of what is called the The Classic PA with a costume curved barbell and a discipline cap with removable discipline screws.

A new day

coffee-839234_640Hello Everyone,

This is my new blog about chastity. I have been in and out of chastity for the last 20 years. The issue has always been the chastity device would fail, by the device coming off or making me sore. I have tried many devices and the story is the same every time. The longest I have ever been able to stay locked in chastity was 9 months.

I with my experience with staying chaste all the time in an off the shelf device such as the CBXXXX series convinces me having a chastity device that can truly keep me chaste 24/7 365/6 days a year will need to be custom made. Of course, this brings up where do I get this device made and what will be the cost.

I contacted Steelwerks Extreme

On February 28th we wrote Steelwerks inquiring about a device. We are waiting for Steelwerks to get back us. On their website is says they are out until March 11th.